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When your Honda Civic encounters issues such as a low rumbling sound in reverse indicating bad engine mounts, an airbag light warning from a failed occupant position sensor, or a false oxygen sensor code requiring a PCM software update, Parts Avatar is ready to assist. Our comprehensive Honda Civic aftermarket parts catalog includes essential starting & charging components, robust exhaust systems, and precise wheel bearing & seals, all at competitive prices found in our Honda Civic parts price list. Enjoy the convenience of having both new and Used Honda Civic parts delivered swiftly to your doorstep anywhere in Canada, ensuring your vehicle returns to peak performance without delay.

As the seasons change, it's crucial to keep your Honda Civic running smoothly with reliable maintenance. Prepare for winter's chill by replacing your oil filter & parts to maintain engine efficiency, and ensure your comfort with a fully functional blower motor & parts. Come summer, avoid overheating with a robust cooling system—inspect your coolant levels and replace any worn suspension parts. For all your maintenance needs, shop Honda Civic parts online Canada at Parts Avatar for a wide selection of Honda Civic parts OEM and Honda Civic parts aftermarket, including top-quality ignition coil and spark plugs.