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Explore Fender Flares. Shop Car fender flares & Fender Flares Canada. Find Fender Flare covers. Order Wheel fender flares. Discover Fender Flares in Canada. Maintaining your vehicle's fender flares is essential to keep your car looking sharp and ensuring protection against road debris. Regular cleaning with the right products can prevent fading and cracking, but be alert for signs of wear such as discoloration or detachment, which signal it's time for a replacement. When choosing new fender flares, consider OEM-style for a factory look, or opt for wider, off-road versions for an aggressive stance. High-quality materials like ABS plastic or fiberglass provide durability and ease of installation. Enhance your ride's appearance and performance with the perfect set of fender flares, available right at your fingertips on our ecommerce platform.

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Order Fender Flare Hardware Or Kit by DORMAN - 700-149 For Your Vehicle
Boost Your Vehicle's Potential with DORMAN Parts
CAD$ 27.65
Order Road Flare Kit by PERFORMANCE TOOL - W2383 For Your Vehicle
Boost Your Vehicle's Potential with PERFORMANCE TOOL Parts
Universal FitThis product fits all vehicles
CAD$ 41.31
1 - 2 of 2 results

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