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Buy OEM parts at Canada's premier online OEM parts store. Browse our huge catalog of original OEM auto parts. Discounts & free shipping on OEM car parts in Canada. We provide our customers with the highest quality aftermarket truck parts Canada can offer at the cheapest prices. Our vision at Parts Avatar is to provide unparalleled service and value.

We pride ourselves in offering OEM parts at a discount, ensuring the affordability of our products. We also offer exceptional shipping deals, including free shipping for orders above $99 within Canada. Engage with our website and you'll find a dedicated Canadian OEM parts specialist available for chat, ensuring a delightful shopping experience. Every customer is vital; respect and dedication to your needs is our primary concern.

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Purchase OEM parts for all cars. Deals & fast shipping on OEM car parts within Canada. Explore our catalog of genuine OEM auto parts. Parts Avatar boasts an extensive selection of OEM vehicle parts. From luxury names like BMW to mainstream brands like Toyota, our warehouses have it all. Our exceptional shipping options ensure that most orders are delivered within 1-2 days. Whether you're in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, or Winnipeg, we're here to cater to your needs. Fueled by our enthusiasm for vehicles, we're in tune with what your car requires. Whether you're seeking OEM replacement parts or body components, our extensive collection is available for you.

What are OEM Parts?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) car parts are components produced by the original manufacturer of the vehicle or a licensed supplier. They are designed to meet the exact specifications and performance standards of the vehicle. This ensures a perfect fit and reliable functionality, maintaining the vehicle's integrity and possibly its warranty. OEM parts are typically sold at authorized dealerships

OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts are manufactured by third-party companies, not affiliated with the original vehicle manufacturer. They offer a broader variety in terms of brands, prices, and functionality, often at a lower price point. However, the quality and fit of aftermarket parts can vary significantly, and there's a chance they may not perform as well or last as long as OEM parts. Additionally, using aftermarket parts might affect the vehicle's warranty.

Ultimately, the choice between OEM and aftermarket parts depends on individual preferences, the specific needs of the vehicle, and the financial considerations of the consumer.

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Shop for authentic OEM parts at Canada's premier online OEM parts store, crafted by Canadians for Canadians. Explore our extensive catalog of authtentic OEM auto parts with exclusive discounts and free shipping options on OEM car parts in Canada. At Parts Avatar, our vision is to deliver unparalleled service and value, ensuring you access the highest quality aftermarket parts at the most affordable prices.

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At Parts Avatar, we are proud supporters of the Right to Repair movement, working towards making oem parts more accessible and cost-effective. Our dedication reflects in providing oem parts at economical prices, aligning with the principles of the Right to Repair movement. Dive into our exclusive auto parts sale in Canada, featuring discounts on a range of OEM and aftermarket components.